Collaborations in India

Indo Frech Centre for Applied Mathematics (IFCAM)
“Mathematicians can also address real world problems while being in academics”
“IFCAM greatly strengthened Indo-French cooperation in applied mathematics”

Indo French Research lab in Computer Science
“UMI-RELAX has an important role in accelerating the growth of computing research in India and creating a bigger impact at an international level”
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Joint Research Units between the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and CNRS (UMIFRE)

The Centre for Social Sciences and Humanities (CSH)

The French Institute of Pondicherry (IFP)

International research Laboratory (IRL)

Indo French Centre for Applied Mathematics (IFCAM)

Indo French Research Laboratory in Computer Science (RELAX)

Self-organisation and Control in biologicAL Systems: from molecules to cells and tissues (SCALES)

International Research Network (IRN)

Hydrodynamique à petite échelle: de la matière molle à la bio-ingénierie(HYDROMMBI)

Emerging Infectious Diseases and Antimicrobial resistance (MIRA)

International Research Program (IRP)

Indian-French Laboratory of Solid State Chemistry (LAFICS 2)

Indo-French Joint Laboratory for Natural Products and Synthetic for Affordable Health (NPSAH)

Next-Generation (Macro)-Molecular Self-Assembled Systems (Next Gen Assembly)

Indo French Cell for Water Science (CEFIRSE)

Effects of River-Aquifer exchanges on riverine ecosystem resilience to global change: Comparative approach of the Ganga and Rhône River basin networks (GangaRhoneRivers)

MEMS and GaN Development ThRough COmplementary CollaboratioN (MEGATRON)

Advanced polymer nanocomposites for micro-actuator and energy harvesting devices (APONAMA)

Macrophages, Key Systemic Sensors and Signaling Hubs in Development and Physiology (MACHUB)

Classical and quantum dynamics in out of equilibrium systems (DynoutSys)

International Emerging Actions (IEA)

Régulation par le microenvironnement des propriétés mécaniques et du fluage des cellules cancéreuses mammaires (MicroSoft)

Organocatalyseurs fluorés pour l’activation d’hydrosilylanes via des interactions non-covalentes et des applications en catalyse d’hydrosilylation (FLUOROCATSIL)

De la microcéphalie vers l’épilepsie: un point de vue mitotique (MicEpyMitosis)

Oscillation intrasaisonnière de mousson et circulation (MISOC)

CMS ions lourds (CMSHI)

Test d’équivalence des grammaires et des circuits : une approche unifiée (TECG)

Développement d’un cadre d’analyse des systèmes de traitement des eaux usées permettant de produire de l’énergie et de réduire la pollution de l’air (NEWAIR)

Intestinal Guanylyl Cyclase C Receptor Structure (InteReSt)

Joint doctoral program CNRS / IISER Pune

Within the framework of a joint doctoral program between CNRS and IISER Pune, the two following projects have been selected:

Constrained quantum systems (discipline: physics)

Understanding the mechanobiological basis of the evolutionary diversity in spindles dynamics of nematodes (discipline: biology)